Monday, February 9, 2015

Faith is Action!

With my new companion, Sister Molina.
Hello Everyone,
As a missionary, my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ through faith in Him and His Atonement. This week we've seen a lot of evidences of people not only believing in Him, but showing it by their actions!

Sister Marissa, a returning LA and her two beautiful kids, Michelle and Michael showed their faith this week when the learned that the word of wisdom includes coffee, which they are currently using as ulam (topping for rice) to go with their rice. They committed that even though that's the only food they have sometimes to go with their rice. They will no longer drink coffee and will eat their rice plain instead. We asked 12 year old Michael what he will do if someone offers him coffee and there's no other alternative and he told us that he will go in the corner and pray for Heavenly Father's help. If only we all could have the faith of a child!

We also saw the faith of the Rabara family, a recent convert family, when they told us that all their neighbors laugh at them and told them they're crazy when they come home from church in their tricycle as a family. Their neighbors can't understand why they don't use that day to work selling their puto pao and butsi (rice cakes) or why they spend a whole 3 hours at church instead of the one they used to attend at their former church. But we were so happy when we heard them say that they don't pay attention to them and are happier than ever that they are united in their faith as a family. I love that family so much!! 

We watched Sis Donna, a recent convert baptized last year, get up and give her first ever talk in church. She was emotional as she told her conversion story and how hard it is to be the only member in their family, but how happy she is as a member. She has true faith!

We also saw Bro Rick continue to take steps of faith as he prepares for baptism this month (see attached picture- he's usually really happy, I think he was squinting in the sun) :) He read 4 chapters straight in the Book of Mormon as he was washing his clothes this week and told us all the details of Nephi's journey to get the brass plates. We are excited to see him so happy to follow all the commandments, just like Nephi!

It's such a blessing to see so many people exercising faith by acting! I love being a missionary!
Sister Gustafson :)
It was Sis Molina's birthday this week! She's not in the picture though... we were on exchanges so we had some extra guests for our early morning surprise for her! :)

Us with Sis Camille, who is preparing for a mission. She's our neighbor!! :)


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