Monday, March 2, 2015

Brother Rick

Hello everyone,

I want to tell you a story about a brother that was baptized on Saturday. His name is Brother Rick and his journey into the church started last August when Sister Flores and I stopped on the side of the road and talked to him as he was delivering soft drinks. We had a strong feeling that we needed to go back to him, but never had the chance because of some things that came up in his life. He lost contact with the missionaries after I was transferred, but Sis Gregory and I were able to go back to him when I was reassigned here in Villasis. He has become a big part of my last 3 months here in Villasis and we've seen so much progress as we've helped him to learn and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He told us the other day that if we didn't do anything else on our missions, that we should know that at least we helped one person. He said, "At least you saved one, you saved one."

The baptism was so spiritual and it was wonderful to see Bro Rick surrounded by all the other brothers in the ward that had friendshipped and supported him as he prepared for baptism. The best part however, was when he got up yesterday during testimony meeting and shared his testimony. He said, “I used to have a big business and a lot of money and a lot of cars and a pretty wife, but I always felt something was missing in my life. It came to a time that my business went under and my wife left me and took the kids with her and I lost all my money. I moved back in with my parents to take care of them. My mother died and I was still struggling to find what was missing. Until I heard the gospel I didn't know what I needed. The missionaries taught me how to pray, how to go to church every Sunday, pray, and stay away from alcohol. Now I'm happier than I've ever been before. I have no money, no more big business, and no family, but I have faith, the gospel, prayer, and a family here in the church. I know the Church is true and the Book of Mormon is true."

Brother Rick has seen the change in his life because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We've seen the change in him too. He is happier and smiles more and says he feels more peace! I testify that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer, reading the Book of Mormon, and going to church are the only things that can bring true happiness! I invite you to add these things to your life and notice the changes you find! I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church on the earth and living the teachings of Jesus Christ will bring happiness, peace, and direction to your life! :)

Sister Mckenna Gustafson :)

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