Monday, June 16, 2014

Hati na, hati pa

Here's a quick rundown of a busy, happy week :)

Mission Tour- we were blessed to have Elder Larry Echo Hawk of the seventy visit our mission and had a complete outpouring of the Spirit during our meetings with him on Thursday.

Stake Conference- It's been a blessing to serve in the Lingayen stake for the last almost 9 months. We walked into stake conference yesterday and dear old brother Simon from the Lingayen 2nd ward (my first area) took my hand in his wrinkled one and said, "Welcome home, Sister Gustafson". I love the members of the Lingayen 2nd ward and the Manat Branch. It's a blessing to serve among them!

The Manuels- The Manuels are a couple we were blessed to teach this week. Sister Manuel is the older sister of the mayor of Binmaley and a former Barangay Captain, Her husband is the current Barangay captain and they have a lot of power and influence in the community. We were able to teach them a short lesson this week. I think I experienced a bit of what Ammon probably experienced standing before the king. They were very nice, but whenever you teach people with great power and influence like that, it just made me grateful for the power of the Spirit. I know that the Spirit has the power to touch the hearts of anyone who is open to it! We'll try to go back to them this week :)

Tag-ulan- The rainy season. Yup, it's here! It means it rains every single day, multiple times a day. It means we get to wear rain boots to proselyte through the floods and muddy streets. It means our clothes don't dry for at least three days because the humidity is so thick and it means that we can go for weeks at a time with no sunshine. Bring it on :) I have enough sunshine in my soul to last this rainy season!

Leonara-  we witnessed a miracle contacting an investigator we've been trying to get back to for more than a month. We had a bunch of appointments fall through and decided to try her. The timing was so perfect that if we had been 10 seconds later we would have missed her. I know the Lord's hand is in this work!

Keep the sunshine in your soul no matter the weather around you. Jesus Christ has overcome the world and He is our light amid the tag-ulan. :)

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Gustafson :)

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  1. Elder Echo Hawk is in my parents ward :) Small, small world! I love reading the updates. She is an amazing missionary