Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Miracles are Everywhere!

Hello All,

Missionaries are so blessed to witness miracles every day. I'd like to share some of the miracles we saw this week :)

Monday- We saw incredible progress with an investigator, Anne. She used to hide from the missionaries and now is reading the BoM every day and understanding what she reads. She really is enjoying the lessons and reading the BoM. We encouraged her to pray about the BoM to receive a witness from the Spirit that it is true. Her husband is an inactive member and they have the most adorable 2 year old daughter with another one on the way! Anne is making great progress in her testimony!

Tuesday- We went to a member's house to eat dinner for the dad's birthday (pansit and cake! masarap :)) and President Cayado was there (our Branch Pres.) He was able to come with us for our last lesson to Brother Jeffrey, a 21-year old with a burning desire to know the truth. The Spirit bore a powerful witness that the Restoration of the Gospel is exactly what Bro Jeffrey needs to overcome the trials he is facing with his family. It was such a blessing to have President Cayado there to bear testimony as well. The timing couldn't have been more perfect!

Wednesday- We saw great progress with Brother Roger who is down to smoking only 3 sticks a day as opposed to the 30 he used to smoke per day! We were also able to meet and teach the Nagpalangan Barangay captain's wife, who turned out to be super nice! We'll go back to her next Wednesday :)

Thursday- We were able to contact and teach a man, Brother Jinny, who we met on the side of the road last Monday. We were walking and he called out to us and said that he wanted to listen to our message (not uncommon). We took this one seriously and he told us he really wanted to know about our church. We taught him and the Spirit was so strong as we testified of Joseph Smith on Thursday. He told us that he felt the Spirit and that he knows what we taught was true. He wants to come to church and bring his wife too! I know Heavenly Father led us to find Brother Jinny!

Friday- We were able to talk with Helen Mae, a 19-year-old recent convert in our area who just got back from a month long stay in Manila where she received a free operation form a church organization to correct her lazy eye that she's had since she was a child. What a life-changing miracle for her! She is preparing to serve her mission and was full of gratitude for the blessing of her operation :)

Saturday- We had another successful Branch Half-day mission with 20 in attendance- with 17 priesthood holders :) As a Branch, we were able to visit most of the less-actives and recent converts! We worked with a high councilman brother, a young man, and the YW president and visited all the less-actives in two barangays!

Sunday- Brother Ronel passed his baptismal interview and he will be baptized on Saturday :) He was really nervous for his interview. But he told us later that he prayed and really felt the Holy Ghost comfort him and help him remember the things he has been taught :) He is so excited for Saturday!

If there's anything I've learned here in the Philippines, it's that miracles are everywhere, you just have to look for them. Look for the Lord's hand in your life every day and thank Him for it :) mahal ko kayong lahat!

Sister Gustafson 

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