Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Out of the Comfort Zone and into the Miracles! :)

Our Thanksgiving celebration!


People that I love,

As a missionary, I get to do a lot of things that push me out of my comfort zone every day- talking to strangers, inviting people to do things that are completely new to them, trying new foods, trying to speak a foreign language, etc. Every single day, I do things that I never would have done in my past life and that actually really would have scared me. But it's such an awesome opportunity, because I've learned that when I'm out of my comfort zone and doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do, I feel His strength giving me the confidence and power to do what He has asked :) I felt that I was pushed out of my comfort zone quite a bit this week, but we had a lot of success and miracles because of it.

On Wednesday morning, Sis Sarte and I got up early and went to the construction site in our area where they are building a new stake center. We stood in front of about 75 construction workers and shared a message with them (definitely a little out of my comfort zone... :)). They were all wearing their helmets and squinting in the bright morning sun as they sat on piles of gravel and listened to us share about how families can be together for eternity. It felt like a Philippines construction site version of the Sermon on the Mount :) we got all of their information and yesterday we contacted one of the brothers that we met. He and his family are so excited to come to church and we really can see that there will be many more miracles from the construction site project!

We also got a text from Sis Mylene that she was not doing well on Saturday and that we shouldn't go to teach her. We thought about what we could do for her and went to a member's home. We invited their RM son right then and there to take a 15 minute tryke ride with us to visit sis Mylene and give her a priesthood blessing. He was more than willing and sis Mylene was so grateful and really wanted to receive the blessing. Bro Darren gave her a sweet blessing where he promised her peace and that Heavenly Father is aware of her situation and although she wasn't doing well enough to speak, she just wrote "maraming salamat" - thank you very much- on her paper :) she wasn't able to come to church this week, but we know she felt the power of the priesthood blessing.  Miracles!

Sis Merly and bro Romeo are also still miracles. We did what wasn't the most convenient, but we invited a former stake president who lives in our ward to come with us to teach and testify about the law of tithing. It's not going to be easy for Bro Romeo and sis Merly to pay tithing because their income is based on the harvest they get from their rice and corn field twice a year. It's a huge act of faith for them, but after hearing the testimony of Pres Balajadia and how tithing has blessed his family, they agreed to give the full 10 percent to the Lord. 

Christmas is upon us and I want to invite all of you to take 2 min and 45 seconds to watch an amazing video and remember the true first gift of Christmas. It won't be a waste of your time! mormon.org/christmas Enjoy!

And this week, do something out of your comfort zone for Him :) It won't be without miracles!

I love you!
Sister Gustafson 

 I love these Sisters from all over the world!

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