Monday, January 20, 2014

It's getting so cold!! ;)

 Here is a picture of another adorable Filipino baby, Bernice. 
Did I mention how much I love the kids here??
Hello All!
It's getting reaaalllly cold here! It was in the 70's the last couple nights and all the Filipinos are pulling out their coats and hats and wrapping up in blankets. I actually put on a cardigan and a pair of socks this week for the first time since I left the states. All the Filipinos are all shivering and complaining about how cold they are. They all have colds and are blaming the extremely cold weather... riiight. I just laugh! It feels perfect to me! It's a nice break from the extreme heat :) 

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Va'enuku and she's from Tonga. She is literally the happiest, most peaceful person I have ever met! She laughs at everything and loves everyone. On the first day she told me that she never stresses and she's never sad. Oh, and her favorite food is dog. I already love her so much. I have so much to learn from her no-stress, hardworking, happy personality!

 With my new companion, Sister Va'enuku.

We had a great, but stressful day at church yesterday because we had 5 investigators there! That's the best kind of missionary stress- when you have so many investigators, you don't know how to handle them all! Two of the De Guzman kids came, as well as their step-sister and her daughter, the Castillo family. The Castillo family is golden. they were at one of the lessons with the De Guzmans and we happened to give them a BoM, but we hadn't introduced it. When we went back to their house they said the had read it! The whole intro and all of 1 nephi 1! It was a miracle. We feel like they are going to be very progressive, but we'll see! I'll let you know :)

Small miracle of the week: Last night we were teaching a lesson to Brother Jun outside of his house and his dog was tied up nearby. The dog was going NUTS. as in barking nonstop- super super loud. I was thinking, "There is no way we can teach this lesson if the dog won't stop barking. There is no way we can help him feel the Spirit, let alone hear what he's saying! Heavenly Father, please help us." We started with a prayer and during the prayer I got an impression that we needed to give the dog a piece of the bread that a member had just given us. After the prayer I got up and tossed some bread to the dog and he was absolutely silent for the rest of the lesson. It was such a very very simple small thing, but I really feel like Heavenly Father blessed us. Everyday He gives us little things to let us know that He loves us and cares for us. Always look for the small tender mercies of the Lord in your life. He is there for you and loves you!

I love you!
Sister Gustafson :)

 Lunch at a member's home. Duck! Yummy!!

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