Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Enjoying the Climb

 Exchanges with MTC Companion, Sister Brown.

We had a great, miracle-filled week as usual :)

We are teaching the most incredible father and daughter that we met at Tindahan (a small store that sells groceries and snacks). Brother Sonny and Sister Maureen (17) both have come to church for the last 3 weeks straight and are reading the BoM together. They are truly elect, humble seekers of the truth who have been prepared by the hand of God long before they met us. We will be extending a date for baptism to them tonight :)

Sister Melanie is another investigator who has also been prepared by Heavenly Father long before we met her. She will be baptized on August 22. She and her little boy, RJ are loving coming to church. Sister F and I love it when we pray and little 2-year-old RJ closes his eyes and bows his head along with us :) 

My goal right now is to "Enjoy the climb", the upward climb that I'm on to becoming a better disciple of Christ. It is a climb, but the view just keeps getting better and better each day. I see more of what God sees when He looks at me and others and I see more of what He has in store to those who keep diligently pressing forward. I learn more with each trial what I can accomplish with His help and how the Atonement can lift us to new heights that we couldn't reach alone. Christ has promised that because He was lifted up on the cross, we will all be lifted up at the last day, if we keep our end of the deal by living His Gospel. It's simple and beautiful and it's a climb that I wouldn't trade for anything else. 

Have a great week and enjoy your climb :)
Sister Gustafson 

 Sister F and our pink apartment!

 This is what happens to Zone Studies when we get locked out of the building.

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