Monday, August 4, 2014

Adventures, Meetings, Exchanges and Miracles :)

A week of adventures, exchanges, meetings, trials, and miracles :)

Adventure first:
This week I learned what to do if you come home from your morning jog to find a waterfall leaking in all over your desk. Step one: move the desk. Step two: pray. Step three: assess the damage and be grateful that your scriptures and journal only received minor damage. Step four: tell your landlady, who will call her husband, who will bring a bamboo ladder and climb up on your roof and start chucking down clumps of rotting leaves from the gutter. Step five: study President Uchtdorf's talk about Gratitude and be reminded that you need to be grateful in every situation and not just for things :)

 My flooded desk!

I also learned what to do if you come out of the bathroom at the church to see flames shooting out of a trashcan. Step one: grab an empty trashcan and run back into the bathroom to fill it with water. Step two: dump the water on the fire. Repeat steps one and two until the fire is gone. Step three: tell the assistants, who will come frantically running, until you explain that there is no more fire. (that's the problem with Tagalog- sometimes there's no way to specify tenses). Apparently someone threw a cigarette butt in the trash and it caught a piece of styrofoam on fire. We were joking that Sister Brown was prompted to use the bathroom at just the right time so that we were able to save the church from burning to the ground

We had Mission Leadership Council this week. I definitely felt the weight of my calling and the great trust that the Lord has in us as I sat in the chapel in Urdaneta with the other 7 STLs and 18 zone leaders being taught by President and Sister Monahan and the assistants. One of my favorite parts of the calling is the opportunity to work with such amazing missionaries. Hearing how the Calasaio Zone Leaders taught 57 lessons last week and hearing the Bayambang STLs' success story about their recent convert and hearing Elder Johnson pray so humbly makes me want to be more obedient, more diligent, and more Christlike. I love these amazing sisters and elders!

We had three exchanges this week. I love  working with so many different sisters from all over the world and being able to learn from them. I had a great exchange on Wednesday with Sister Fuimaono, a 26-year old sister from Samoa with the biggest heart I've ever known. She just loves everyone! It was great to hear about her life and learn from her example of charity. 
I also got to work in Santa Barbara with the Santa Barbara A Sisters on Tuesday. They are on fire (okay, not like the trashcan, but almost ;)) Their diligence and exact obedience is really showing. They are using their elect investigators to meet other elect investigators by meeting their family and friends and teaching them as well. Exact obedience makes all the difference in the success of an area! They are baptizing nearly every week because of their diligence!

Let's just say, that a mission is full of dropped appointments, people that don't care about your eternity-changing message, rejection, cockroaches, mosquitoes, typhoons, and worms, but it's all about how you look at it. Let's move on to the miracles :)

Sister Flores and I are always commenting on how Villasis is truly a place of revelations and miracles. Maybe it's because it's so close to the temple sight :) 

Sister Lydia is the sweetest, humblest investigator with the strongest testimony. She lives with her live in partner (member) and two year old son. She loves reading and has the gentlest, most soft-spoken spirit. Yesterday the miracle was that she came to church with her husband. They are working so hard to save for their marriage papers so they can get married so sister Lydia can get baptized, but it's really hard for them with brother's construction work not being very stable during the rainy season. We really felt strongly to promise them miracles for their obedience during our lesson on Saturday. We told them that if they are obedient and are doing everything they can to follow the commandments, Heavenly Father will provide a way for them. They came to church and we know  He will bless them!

Sister Maureen and Brother Sonny accepted a baptismal date for Aug 30 :)
And we were able to teach Sister Corazon's daughter and her husband and whole family :)

I love you all so much!

Sister Gustafson 

 Sister Trainer Leaders - July 2014

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