Monday, October 27, 2014

The Miracles and the Love! :)

With Sister Adasme
 I wish I had time to tell you about all the miracles and sicknesses and struggles we saw this week and how we overcame all of it, but that would take days, so I'll do my best to sum up :)

Miracle of the week: The Balansay family accepted a baptismal date last night!! We had extended to them last week, but they said they wanted more time and felt that they wanted to learn more before they committed. Last night we taught the doctrine of faith and baptism and they accepted their date! We were praying so hard for them and we know the Spirit is what helped them to say yes! :)

I learned a lot this week about the power of inviting everyone to listen to our message. We were at the Agbuya's house and Bro Henry was not wanting to come down from his bamboo hut where he was watching TV to listen to us with his wife. We waited and called and pleaded for about 20 minutes, and finally there was nothing else I could but take my shoes off and climb in after him. Big smile. Introduced myself and my companion. Extended my hand to shake. Enthusiastic tone of voice and a lot more smiling. And finally brother came down and listened as we taught on bamboo benches under their mango trees about the Restoration :) We helped them to understand why their 25 year old son would take 2 years of his life to serve a full time mission. Persistence pays off and shows how much we love each soul and how important this message is :)

Displaying DSC06681.JPGI also learned about love on exchanges in Dagupan with Sis Fronk and her trainee, Sis Gotang. We were walking along concrete banks by black rivers, trying to avoid falling into the trashy water. We climbed across bamboo bridges and under houses on stilts to try to find their investigators and less active members. I remembered my personal study that morning, King Benjamin's sermon about how loving and serving others is a commandment. I learned that loving others and showing that love by my works is something we must always put first and must do all the time. It's not only when it's convenient, it's a commandment. :) It's not always easy or natural, but it's what keeps me going. It's the love that I have for my Father in Heaven that makes this work worth it! :)

Have a great week and try a little harder to love others better, not just in word, but in deed! 

I love you all,
Sister Gustafson 

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 Sister Roberts and Sister Gregory and I were all in the MTC together.

Sister Trainer Leaders with Sister Monahan October 2014.

Sister Gustafson especially loved getting a colorful email from her friend, Jenna.
 "Made my day!" :)


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