Monday, August 11, 2014

11 Months :)

Happy 11 month anniversary as a missionary to me! :)

 American spaghetti!! Yum!
My dearest Sister Flores goes home tomorrow. I can honestly say that this has been the best companionship of my mission so far, probably just because of her never-ending happiness and our openness with each other. :) We have been close since day one because we always share what's on our minds with each other. We have been through some interesting things this transfer as STLs and as companions, but one thing I've never questioned is her love for me or for the work. :) I hope that someday I can love the people as fully as she does and give my all to serving Heavenly Father as I have seen her do. It's hard to see her go, but I like I told her earlier, I know I will see her again in the Celestial Kingdom :) Thank you for being one of my heroes, Sister Flores. You've taught me more with your unspoken sermons than you will ever know. :)

 This is a FHE we had at a member's house. There's a tradition here in Villasis where you shower the missionary going home with flour :) We were covered! 

Sister Lydia and Bro Rodolpho and their baby, Bursio came to church yesterday. :) They are so committed to saving for their marriage papers, working towards sister Lydia's baptism and eventually, eternal marriage :) We taught the law of tithing on Saturday and asked Sis Lydia how she felt about the commandment and she looked us in the eye and said with a smile, "Gusto kong sundin ang kautusan niyan" "I want to follow that commandment". Her faith is amazing! we love their sweet family so much. It's so great to see them working together to achieve their goals! :)
The Rabaras, brother and his 17 year old daughter came to church yesterday for the 5th Sunday in a row. We met them 5 weeks ago and they've come together every week since. They are incredibly ready for their baptism on the 30th! It was so sweet to see them wiping away tears as Sis Flores gave her last talk as a missionary. It's sad that Sis Rabara is not yet open to hearing the Gospel and leaves the house every time we go over, but we know that someday her heart will be softened. We had a great lesson with them this week about life after death. I am so happy whenever we teach people who really are humble seekers of truth and they accept and want to live the truths we teach! We love them so much!

We are also teaching Sister Lala (maybe I've mentioned her before). She will be baptized on Aug 22 :) Her husband is not yet interested in hearing our message either, but we know that through our prayers and fasting, someday he will be baptized as well and they will be sealed to their adorable two-year-old son, RJ, in the Urdaneta Temple :)

I wish I also had time to tell you about Bro Bryan, a single dad with two adorable hyper-active boys, who has a sincere desire to know the truth and came to church yesterday. I also wish I could talk about Bro Wilmer, who is an ex-con who feels misunderstood and just wants to change. He's come to church the last 4 weeks and hopefully will be accepting a baptismal date this week. It's amazing to see people's lives changing along with my own because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ :)

I love this work so much and couldn't be more happy!

I love you all,
Sister Gustafson 

Our new investigator friend, Brother Carlos, we met last night.

Brother Carlos with a huge bunch of growing bananas.

Here is the Gallarin family. I LOVE this family!

 The Gallarin's adorable grandchildren.

Still "True Blue!"

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