Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trusting the Spirit

                               With my new companion, Sister Fuimaono from Samoa

 Hello ang aking mga minamahal :)

Wow, what a week. I was a little confused about which names to write on our Progress Record this week because I worked with 5 different companions :) After Sis Flores went home on Tuesday, I was with the Villasis A sisters Brown and Aruwititi. On Wednesday I had the privilege of hosting three brand new sisters from Samoa and Tonga and working with Sister Toai until Thursday. We passed them over to their trainers on Friday and I was happily surprised to hear that my new companion is Sister Fuimaono, that 26-year old Samoan sister I told you about with a giant, loving heart for everyone. She makes me feel so calm and peaceful and I just love her humble, hardworking attitude. It is her first transfer as an STL, but already she keeps telling me, "I just love the sisters so much!" She is going to be a great loving friend and example to them and to me :)

 New Sisters from Tonga and Samoa

We are so excited for Sister "Lala" Melanie's baptism this Friday :) She is so ready and passed her interview on Saturday with flying colors. She's attended so many different churches in her life, but has never been baptized before because she says she was waiting to find the "true one". And now she's found it :) It is such a blessing to be an instrument in the hands of God to help people find the true church, true happiness, and the only way to return home to live with Heavenly Father :)

Bro Rabara and his daughter are doing great :) They're so ready to be baptized on the 30th! We'll be visiting them nearly every day this week to finishing teaching all of the lessons they need to know for their interview on Saturday. We love them so so much!

We have a new(ish) investigator, Bro Bryan, a young dad who just has been a miracle. We met him one rainy afternoon, cooped in the house with his two very active little boys, trying to keep them entertained and out of trouble. We taught him about how the gospel makes it possible for him to be with his wife (who is working abroad) and his two adorable crazy boys forever. That's where he got hooked. He brought his 5-year old with him to church last week and then again yesterday. Last week when I was working with Sister Toai, we invited him to be baptized on September 20 and he accepted! He is working to quit smoking, but knows Heavenly Father will help him with his 10 sticks a day. He likes peanuts, so if Sis F and I have to give him all the peanuts in Villasis to keep his mind off of the cigarettes, we will :)

This week I've learned a lot about companionship unity. Having worked with 5 different companions this week and a lot more than that throughout this last transfer on exchanges, I have definitely experienced all different styles and experience levels when it comes to teaching. One thing that is always the same though, is the Spirit. This week and this last transfer I have learned to trust Him as the true teacher. I've learned that no matter if it's your companion's first lesson as a missionary and they don't understand what the investigator is saying in Tagalog, or if it's your companion's last day in the field, as long as their desire is to teach the Gospel with the Spirit, everything works out okay. I've learned that Tagalog and experience don't matter. What matters is the Spirit. HE is the real teacher. People won't remember what we say or what we did. They will remember how they felt. As long as they felt Heavenly Father's love and the Spirit, we did our best to help them understand. Sister Flores once prayed, "If all else fails, please bless that they will at least know that they are loved." That's my job as a missionary, to just spread the love of their Heavenly Father :) I'm so grateful to have that sacred duty!

Have a great week :)
Sister Gustafson 

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