Monday, August 25, 2014

The Little Things

First of all, I just want to tell the whole world how proud I am of my little grown up brother, Sam who got his mission call to serve in the Spain Madrid Mission and reports to the Spain MTC on January 20!! :) I am so happy for him and so excited to serve alongside one of my best friends in the work of God! :)

 Picture taken September 2013

Sister Lala's baptism was beautiful, simple, and spiritual. She bore a great testimony afterward, comparing the day of her baptism to the day of her wedding. She recognized that it's a once in a lifetime special day that has forever changed who she is :) She expressed gratitude for finding the true church after nearly a lifetime of searching and for the changes she's seen in her life because of it :) She told us that this is the only church with a living prophet and continuing revelation and she knows it’s the true church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. I love hearing the testimony of those who have come to know the truth for themselves! :)

Brother Rabara will be baptized this Saturday. We're praying that his 17-year-old daughter will join him. She got sick this weekend and wasn't able to attend church or her interview and his some concerns about being ready. We really feel that she is and has demonstrated it in the last seven weeks since we met them at a tindahan (store) by coming to church faithfully and keeping every commitment. We gave her 3 Nephi 27 to read and pray about. We are just trusting in His timing and know that she will receive answers to her prayers :)

We had an amazing lesson with Sis Lydia and Bro Rodolpho on Friday. They've already been taught all the lessons, so sis Fui and I read 3 Ne 11 with them. The spirit was so strong as we sat cross-legged on their bamboo floor and read about how the Savior of the World appeared to the Nephites after his resurrection. Sis Lydia also shared with us her favorite scripture, 2 Ne 31:14, the scripture that she told us keeps her going when it gets hard and she feels like she will never be baptized because of the trials they are facing with their wedding papers. She has such amazing trust in Heavenly Father's timing!

This week it was about the little things… A simple baptismal service. A great lesson with a beloved investigator. Finding a new family to teach after being rejected by two others. Buying a 15 peso ice cream cone from 7-11 before your meeting with the zone and district leaders. Having your investigator's little kids run out to greet you before the lesson. :) Your companion writing you a note and leaving it on your desk. Eating an entire bag of banana chips in two sittings. Having members work with you. Planning for three half-day missions with the ward and having trust and support from ward leaders. It's things like that that remind you that Heavenly Father loves you and is in this work. All the blessings we have are from Him. Enjoy the little things :)

Have a great week,
Sister Gustafson :)

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